Fiber glass crushing

With the following information, we would like to show you how machines from Hansek Maschinenbau GmbH can help you to shred glass fibres efficiently and cost-effectively.

Feeding material1_Aufgabematerial _feeding_material

Fibreglass fleece, continuous filament, spools and rovings can be fed into the spiral crusher for shredding.


Spiral crusher HWB-600HWB-600-01

The spiral crusher roughly shreds glass fibre waste with its open spiral and between its two shredding discs.

Throughput: 1,500kg/h


Roughly shredded material2_Vorzerkleinerung _first_crushing

The spiral crusher breaks the fibres down to a length of approximately 10 to 100 mm. The result of the grinding can be altered by adjusting the setting and design of the shredding discs in the spiral crusher and in the disc mills.


Double-disc-mill HSMD-300HSMD-300

The double-disc mill further mills and homogenises the material.

Throughput: 1,000kg/h


Fibre material3_Feinvermahlung_fine_crushing

The double-disc mill gives the material an approximately even fibre length. This material can be used further in various processes.


Disc mill HSM-300HSM300-002

An additional disc mill can be used to further mill the material to the desired final fineness in the µm range.

Throughput: 500kg/h


Fibreglass powder4_Feinvermahlung_Puder_fine_crushing_powder

The end product is finished fibreglass powder for further processing.


If you want more information about milling glass fibre or if you want help with a specific project, please feel free to contact us.

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